Tuesday, 23 September 2014

365 Days of Man's Mark on the World - September 2014

At the beginning of 2013 I began a 365 Project called 365 Days In Nature.
This year I'm continuing that one and starting a new one called 365 Days of Man's Mark on the World.
My goal is to take a photo of something man made every day for the whole year.
I've started a Facebook group to share our photos.

If you want to join us, you can find us here... 365 Days of Man's Mark on the World

Day 244 - 1st September - Pubs/Hotels/Bars - I love this big old building. It's right beside the old railway station, home of the Valley Rattler.

Day 245 - 2nd September - Pubs/Hotels/Bars - Here's the Mt Pleasant Hotel. The "Husband Day Care Centre" sign is a little cringeworthy!

Day 246 - 3rd September - Pubs/Hotels/Bars - Today' as pub is The Empire. It's recently had a face lift as well. I love the look of this pub, it reminds me of a Sydney terrace house. 

Day 247 - 4th September - Pubs/Hotels/Bars - We're going out of town for today's pub. This one is down the road a bit at Kin Kin. It does lovely Sunday lunches and has a fabulous beer garden out the back with massive boulders that the kids love to climb.

Day 248 - 5th September - Pubs/Hotels/Bars - We're going inside the pub today. Love this bar...so fair dinkum Aussie!! This is inside the Theebine Hotel.

Day 249 - 6th September - Tiles/Mosaics - Cool tiles at the Cooroy Botanic Gardens.

Day 250 - 7th September - Tiles/Mosaics - Part of the lovely mosaic wall in Memorial Lane.

Day 251 - 8th September - Tiles/Mosaics - My pretty millefiori pendant from Venice, made from glass mosaic beads.

Day 252 - 9th September - Tiles/Mosaics - Mosaic marble floor inside the Pantheon in Rome.

Day 253 - 10th September - Tiles/Mosaics - More glass mosaic because I don't have many tiles around here.

Day 254 - 11th September - Tiles/Mosaics - Looking down into the courtyard (in the rain) from the balcony of our holiday unit.

Day 255 - 12th September - Tiles/Mosaics - Shiny tiles at our favourite resort.

Day 256 - 13th September - Green - We had so much fun at Aussie World today for our son's 10th birthday. Here he is on the Ballroom Blitz. I asked him to sit on a green swing for the theme and he willingly obliged.

Day 257 - 14th September - Green - More green from Aussie World.

Day 258 - 15th September - Green - Still at Aussie World...in the water park area these buckets would be filled with water then flip over, drenching my Miss 7 who was standing underneath.

Day 259 - 16th September - Green - "Win a prize...only $5". One of the few things not included in the entrance fee at Aussie World...we passed so did not win any green turtles. They are cute though. 

Day 260 - 17th September - Green - The big green Octopus at Aussie World. I hadn't been on it for at least 20 years, but went with my Miss 7 on Saturday. It was her first 'big girl' ride. She enjoyed it much more than I did!!

Day 261 - 18th September - Green - One from the Gympie Show today.

Day 262 - 19th September - Green - Loved this green car that turned up on the farm for a tour just as we were leaving.

Day 263 - 20th September - Arches - Arches on the Dickabram Bridge.

Day 264 - 21st September - Arches - I enlisted the family so spot arches for me today and my husband spotted this one. It's a drain under the footpath...but yes, it is an arch.

Day 265 - 22nd September - Arches - We spent most of the weekend at a camping ground near Kenilworth. I don't 'do' camping, but Miss 7 had her first night in a caravan with Grandma. I just don't see the appeal in it at all!! This was the neighbour's kitchen tent.

Day 266 - 23rd September - Arches - Arched windows in the Lutheran Church.

Day 267 - 24th September - Arches -
Day 268 - 25th September - Arches -
Day 269 - 26th September - Arches -
Day 270 - 27th September - Metal -
Day 271 - 28th September - Metal -
Day 272 - 29th September - Metal -
Day 273 - 30th September - Metal -

365 Days In Nature - September 2014

I began taking a nature photo on the 1st of January 2013.
My goal was to take one every day for the whole year.
I achieved that, now I'm back for another year.
I started a Facebook group to share our nature photos.
It has grown to more than 200 members from all around the world.
And it's the best group on Facebook.
No, I'm not at all biased!
If you want to join us, you can find us here... 365 Days In Nature

Day 244 - 1st September ~ Floral: These are so pretty.

Day 245 - 2nd September ~ Floral: Lovely white lavender.

Day 246 - 3rd September ~ Floral: I don't know what these are...daisies, gazanias, osteospermums...but there're very pretty.

Day 247 - 4th September ~ Floral: One of my favourite flowers...I love water lilies. I do prefer pink ones though.

Day 248 - 5th September ~ Floral: We've had some of these already this week. And I think I've posted these before. But I love them so much I'm giving them another run. Little hot air balloons....aka Gloriosa Lilies.

Day 249 - 6th September ~ Sunrise/Sunset: My favourite sunset photo from the farm.

Day 250 - 7th September ~ Sunrise/Sunset: A really pretty sunset, taken from our backyard a couple of years ago.

Day 251 - 8th September ~ Sunrise/Sunset: Another one taken from our back yard. You'd think we live in a tropical paradise, wouldn't you? We don't.

Day 252 - 9th September ~ Sunrise/Sunset: We all ran into to the backyard to admire this spectacular sunset a few months ago.

Day 253 - 10th September ~ Sunrise/Sunset: As much as I love the sunsets we see from our back yard, when we move to the block we'll still get a great view!

Day 254 - 11th September ~ Sunrise/Sunset: I'm not often up in time for sunrises, but I was so pleased I caught this one from our front yard a few months ago.

Day 255 - 12th September ~ Sunrise/Sunset: This is my favourite sunrise photo, taken on the farm last year.

Day 256 - 13th September ~ Black & White: I have to start with cows, don't I?

Day 257 - 14th September ~ Black & White: From black & white cows, to black & white birds. The very common Magpie.

Day 258 - 15th September ~ Black & White: From birds to butterflies...

Day 259 - 16th September ~ Black & White: No prizes for guessing this one... ;)

Day 260 - 17th September ~ Black & White: A black & white Ibis in black & white.

Day 261 - 18th September ~ Black & White: Back to my favourites...

Day 262 - 19th September ~ Black & White: The final black & white photo for the week. This originally was almost black & white.

Day 263 - 20th September ~ Lines: Lines in the forest.

Day 264 - 21st September ~ Lines: Lines in a leaf on our bush walk yesterday.

Day 265 - 22nd September ~ Lines: Lines in palms.

Day 266 - 23rd September ~ Lines: More lines in a leaf.

Day 267 - 24th September ~ Lines:
Day 268 - 25th September ~ Lines:
Day 269 - 26th September ~ Lines:
Day 270 - 27th September ~ Bees, Butterflies & Dragonflies:
Day 271 - 28th September ~ Bees, Butterflies & Dragonflies:
Day 272 - 29th September ~ Bees, Butterflies & Dragonflies:
Day 273 - 30th September ~ Bees, Butterflies & Dragonflies: